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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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what he is prepared to do. it is thursday march 16th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. keep an eye on the bottom of the screen we have a handful of school delays out there. >> yes. >> we have a lot of ice, katie , meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, safely >> it is very dangerous. i have been hearing that over and over people are tweeting sending messages they went through lights, stop signs, katie and i did that this morning. little bird told me in that same spot everyone still rolling through that spot. >> temperatures are still so far below freezing, every where, no one is immune to this. but only by a couple of degrees. you have to concern yourself, all day with that icing issue. if it looks wet or just a sheen on the road, would i just, exercise caution and assume that it is icy even at height of the day when we are expect to go at lee rebound here in the city to 36 degrees probably upper 30's down near the shore points.
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but storm scan quiet. nice clear sky. that means it is colder because of the efficient chill that can take place under a nice, clear sky and any heat from the day before just goes right back to the atmosphere. our current wind is out of the west, relatively light by comparison anyway, yesterday but having been on the sky deck a couple times myself this morning, i can say it does feel colder, when you factor in what is a modest breeze right now. it is still noticeable. feels like values as a result, take a hit, down in the teens at best here and of course mount pocono odd ball out always coldness this situation now, looking ahead, as i mentioned we should reach up to above freezing in most locations, say for mountains and everybody gets in on sunshine but instill, meisha i wouldn't bank on melting on a day like today, it is still too cold. >> katie, lets take a look at exactly where we were talking about, look at that, you cannot stop. >> i'm watching this for the
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first time 15th and callowhill , this is what we are talking about these vehicles, look at that. >> yes i will just go straight , look, wait, watch, pulls up and then no, never mind and then looking for cops real quickly. look at this. another one, yes. >> it is a four way stop so you don't to have worry about other people driving into it. >> that brings me to my next point, imagine when more vehicles get out there right now four way stop and in one on the other end of the four way stop but imagine coming up here approaching 6:02, around 6:15ish or 6:30 and we start to get busy, you will hit someone. that was 15th and callowhill. that is just a sliver, sneak peak what we are seeing in the neighborhood shots this is another one in port richmond aramingo avenue at ann. i want tell you right now you can see all that ice on these side road and streets be very, very careful, jim, over to you
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well, down trees are causing issues for power lines across the region as electric crews continue to work honorary pairs, at this hour thousands are still in the dark, following this weeks nor'easter. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at mullica library that will reopen as a warming center. good morning to you. how are crews making up. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning. power crews are making progress. ac electric has restored power to 30,000 customers left in the dark as a result of this winter storm. however this morning 150 customers are still, without power, so still work need to be done and because of that happening here at mullica library, gloucester county library this will reopen up as a warming center right around 7:30 as power crews continue their work. with an assist from peco atlantic city electric has had more than 600 lineman working around the clock to restore power to south jersey residents left in the dark
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this late hitting winter storm with this snow, ice, wind has taken its toll. >> it is bad ice storm so you expect this to happen. >> reporter: sandy anderson is just one of the hundreds who have been without power for days now. she and her husband were forced to vice it this library turned warming center in gloucester county for relief. >> we came down to the library toy day to get charged, and they have coffee, smacks, very nice. we want lights on and they are in the on because of the store and we want to make sure that we help folks out doing the right thing. >> reporter: meantime in delaware much of the same winter storm damage, ice, wind , snapped trees and down power lines in new castle county. thomas palmer and his neighbors quickly who power and left in the cold on tuesday. >> i have got long underwear on, two pairs of socks and then moving around, trying to anyway. >> reporter: thousands of del marva's customers were still without power as late as this morning. power company is enlisting help with crew as far away as
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chicago to fix troubled spot. >> we can bring our own sister co in. at the same team wye cannery store power in more timely and quick fashion. >> reporter: del marva power tweeted an update early this morning saying crews have restored power to more than 120,000 customers but the power company also says that more than 2,000 customers are still without power, so, these two warming centers are available for those people in need, one at saint marks united methodist church, other at asbury united methodist church. now those del marva and ac electric say that they hepp to have power restored for everyone by noon time today. we are reporting live, from mullica, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. hopefully people waited for that. >> exactly. >> make sure you keep an eye on the sky walking through center city. l and i is patrolling areas like here in front of the loew s hotel in market street after incidents of falling ice some sidewalks are now closed
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to pedestrians. city is urging high rise owners and managers to machine for their buildings and issue warnings, when necessary. president trump once again vowing to take his travel ban fight to the supreme court, after his revised immigration order was blocked for the second time. judge in hawaii issued a restraining order last night. hanna daniels has latest from new york. >> this ruling makes us look weak. >> reporter: president trump is vowing to fight back against a federal judge's decision in hawaii putting the brakes on the revised version of his travel ban. >> we will win, we're going to keep our citizens safe. >> reporter: version two of the order would have temporarily barred new visas from six muslim majority countries for 90 days but hours before it was set to take effect u.s. district judge derek watson ruled it discriminates on the basis of nationality, and would harm hawaii tourism industry. >> the fact that there was this that makes the language more neutral it shows that
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they were trying even harder to mask what was a religious animus. >> reporter: justice department quickly blasted ruling as flawed, both in reasoning and in scope and adding that the administration will continue to defend this executive order in the courts. >> thinks a watered down version. let me tell you something i think we ought to go back to the first one and go all the way which is what i wanted to do in the first place. >> reporter: legal setback came on the same day president finally addressed his twitter claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower during the election. >> why not wait to tweet about it until you can prove it. >> new york times wrote about it. other people have mentioned it when i say wiretap these word were in quotes. >> reporter: president says his administration will present more information over the next two weeks about the unsubstantiated charge. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so far house intelligence leaders say they have seen in evidence to support president 's wiretapping claims , they plan to ask fbi
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director james comey bit next week. justice department is charging five people in connection or four people in connection with the massive hack involving 500 million yahoo accounts in 2014. two of the people are spy was russia's intelligence service fsb, and they also work with the fbi on cyber crimes. authorities say their goal was to access accounts of the russian journalist and politicians as well as u.s. governmental officials including military and white house personnel. well, large amount of heroin is off the streets of the bucks county after authorities break up a major trafficking ring. they say the ring funneled drugs into the quakertown area , the ring, dubbed by authorities as the mccarthey drug trafficking organization was allegedly run by the mccarthey brothers who lived in their parents richland township home and they are accused of selling 5,000 bags of heroin, a week. >> it is alleged that the people at top of the pyramid made upward of a million-dollar a year.
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>> reporter: mccarthey brothers and eight other people have been arrested, two people remain at large. philadelphia police want to you look close letter a video showing two women attacking a store employee this was taken march 5th at fresh grocer exton on grays ferry avenue. in it you can see two women confronting a store employee and then attacking her. they were escorted out by security and they have not been seen ever since. if you recollect knees these two women philadelphia police want to hear from you. snow made for a messy morning commute these amtrak passengers will probably never forget. wait until you see what happens when the train pulls in the station. also ahead, they don't offer this service in my salon find out why this woman went in for a haircut and ended up with a python around her neck. >> wow. >> patrick? >> march madness underway and in under six hours that means, brackets need to be filled out how do you pick yours? we have talk with the basketball pros and average joe to get their take on the field of 68, see that next.
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>> ♪ i think we can all hear the delaware val i agree that we know who is going to win this year? nova, of course. hopefully. maybe. we will see. we will be right back.
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did you take time to clear snow, ice off your car, including your roof. >> not everybody does and that , of course, can be a real has air. and that chuck of ice can fly off potentially in the path of other drivers. >> it is very scary. i saw someone with a full sheet of snow, ice just slip off the back of car in the windshield. >> drivers in pennsylvania and new jersey you can be find if ice and snow flies off vehicle and injures someone or causes damage. these computers waiting got showered with snow, get a load of this, amtrak train cruised in the station north of new york city yesterday morning and sprayed snow all over them. >> look at this coming at them some say the train was going too fast, other says over shot platform, some say they are surprised it kicked off so much snow. >> i didn't have an experience quite that bad but yesterday i was going to rita because i
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want i two jellot i's. >> she's going to get ice cream and jellot i. >> never too cold. >> i almost got sprayed by a bunch of cars downtown, it was awful. >> it is not fun. i sympathize so much with those poor folks on the train platform. >> what but, katie? >> that was included. >> how about me. >> that was included. >> that was implied. but what i will say you will be out on the another train platform or waiting for a bus, keep in mind it is very cold. hopefully you will not see any snow blowing up, hitting you in the face but you do need to bundle up for a wind but it is still windy and still see telltale shaking on the cameras outside whitefield elementary school in west lawn but we are at 23 degrees there we will see shakiness in the camera. still icy, still cold, still windy, one thing that did not carry over from yesterday, the snow showers and squals that we had to contend w reduced
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visibility. today we are looking primarily at sunshine, additional included but it is a dry day across the region. lets talk about future weather , starting it off with tomorrow for the most part looking sunny but then by the time sun goes down cloud cover , will lift back in here reason being clipper system works in. you know they tend to have limited moisture, this is classic. it will reenforce chill over weekend but net is for now in the studio overnight expecting a mix of a little bit of snow, accumulating upward of a coating in the mountains and otherwise it is so sparse across the region and may be out of here by second half of saturday. looking forward, again a little reenforcement coming sunday but we do brighten up and then spring begins, technically 50, meisha, still below average. >> we will take it. at this point we will take 50 's. we have a eye set there but we are still talking ice and a lot of it out there a lot of
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people going through stop signs, stop lights because they simply cannot stop. looking at delaware avenue spring garden, this is a snapshot of what we will be dealing with today. a lot of times ice pulled off to the bridge decks, side road , side sidewalks, if you are walking particularcally also pulled off to that shoulder, and this is another kind of gauge where we will work with boulevard taillights southbound at fox street you can see the minute you move pennsylvania these lanes basically lane markers basically anywhere where you'll get into black eister try and we will see problems and have been seeing problems all morning long. we have down pole and wires here in avondale. it is closed between newark road and chandler mill road. all the in a bought more pike. it is closed between 41 abe baltimore pike, rahel, back over to you. it that is time of the year, time to get your brackets filled out. question is how do you select field of 68. >> pat gallen got together with the experts and these who know nothing about the sport to see how they do it, pat.
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>> yes. >> very excited. well, here's what i found it basically comes down to luck. guessing game. in my search for perfect bracket i went to the pros and average joe to see how they select their winners for march madness. >> it that is time of the year where millions of the people fill out that are ncaa tournament brackets. for help we went to the experts at cbs sports to find out how they are doing it. if you pick a bracket seth what do you do, how do you do it. >> i guess like everybody else guesses there is no magic formula to this but do i think one of the things lou for, within of the main things is a team with good guards. if you know of any other philadelphia based teams that have good guard play, if they have any experience, of success in the ncaa tournament that also helps. >> you have to lean toward higher seed moving on for most part and other thing if you have a favorite mascot, or
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color, then i think you can go that way if you are not one to get buried in the numbers. >> reporter: experts gave their take on how do regular joes select? we stopped by a random center city office to pick winners. some are diehard, others not so much. >> i will pick miami because my grandparents live in florida. >> okay, perfect, write it in. >> ucla/kent state. >> l.a. >> yeah. >> i had a friend that lives in oregon so lets get with that. >> i like that. >> northwestern/vanderbilt first time northwestern has ever been in. >> yeah, i'm not necessarily that confident in them because vanderbilt has the experience. they have done it before. so i believe they will get the win. >> arkansas seton hall. >> seton hall, i'm from new jersey, baby. >> e bracket with villanova at the top so you have to pick them, right. >> of course. >> what do you know about a bracket. >> nothing. i necessity nothing about this nope. >> reporter: are you sure. >> i'm sure, thinks golf right >> north carolina against butler who do you pick.
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>> i will go with north carolina. >> yeah, why? >> jordan bass. >> that is goody like that. >> nevada against vermont. >> i have to go with vermont home state. >> karen, you are responsible for our final four and our champion. we need to know gonzaga or arizona. >> arizona. >> why is that. >> beautiful weather. >> i like that, good enough for me. >> villanova back in the final four against arizona your choice. >> villanova, of course. >> villanova back. >> do you feel good about that >> i do. >> villanova against north carolina, in the championship game, so it is all up to you, who do you pick. >> i love north carolina but i have to pick villanova. >> villanova champion again. >> you heard it here first karen says villanova champion again. >> always. >> high five, karen good work. >> yeah, so if you are not one for educating yourself on the tournament that is okay because that makes this time of the year, so much fun. good job, karen. don't miss action today a begins princeton and notre
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dame at noon on cbs-3. 2:30 it is west virginia taking on bucknell. in the night session villanova will begin their hunt for a second title, coverage starts at 7:00. after that it is wisconsin and virginia tech. >> i want to point out they picked most of the teams that i have. >> it almost looks exactly like jim donovan's break. >> i will be on facebook at 9:00 to discuss my scientific method here you went to seton hall and they ended up in the final four. >> i picked scores based on weather and temperatures. >> we have a march madness bracket induced stress, why not massage it away with the snake. >> no thanks. >> there is no joke. hairdresser is offering massaging from his pet ball python named monte. >> monte's body is 90 percent muscle and massage his muscles contracting as he is going around you, gross, in surprise , not everyone is a
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fan, including myself, jim donovan is in the a fan. >> monte python. >> yes we will be right back.
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and now for a look at headlines from across our region. >> trentonian a 42 year-old woman died from cardiac arrest and tenants at twin towers apartment building blame management for her death. one of the two elevators in the east tower was not working causing slower response times for emergency personnel. 1e ms team walk up 15 flights of stairs, the only working elevator was taking too long. reading eagle an elderly couple died in the house fire wednesday night in northern lancaster county. crews were dispatched at 7:00 had to the 100 block of south fourth street in denver. fire fighters attempted enter the home but faced annex stream hording situation with no clear pathway inside. mercury pottstown middle school students are trapped
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passing, vandal icing property and damaging cars on north franklin street, and that is according to residents. police are trying to move kid along as they spill out of the building at the end of the school day. that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. antissing in kansas looking for adoptive parents for five siblings have gone viral. >> it started saturday when a local newspaper posted an ad in the family section, suddenly the adoption agency in charge received hundreds of calls for children who are between two and 11, children, two sisters, three brothers hoped to be adopted together. >> awesome. >> why would it be awesome. >> because we would play with our brothers and sisters. i like to play with them a lot >> happy family. >> happy family. >> this is just horrible. >> siblings are in separate homes in the foster care system. placement workers are playing families who will keep them together in camden. >> lets hope that happens. coming up why you could see your credit score go up
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this year. >> it has been two days since winter storm hit the area hundreds of people still don't have power, find out when services should be restored, trang do. >> reporter: just disappointing news for tourist in the independent mall area i'm trang do with what historical sites are now closed. and trang do looking outside, icy conditions, leaving with us some problem areas on the roadways and plus we have falling ice down pole and wires all that updates to come but first a quick break. welcome to your health with joan lunden, presented by the centers for disease control and prevention. >> hi. i'm joan lunden. diabetes is a growing epidemic in the united states affecting more than 29 million people in our country. but even more alarming is that
6:28 am
25% of those people don't even know they have it. today we are joined by dr. ann albright, director of cdc division of diabetes translation to discuss this dangerous trend in american health. it's good to have you here. >> thank you. >> why are medical experts really concerned about this trend? >> diabetes is a serious disease and it can lead to serious complications; blindness, amputation, kidney disease, heart attack and stroke. >> let's break it down so people understand the basics. there are three major kinds of diabetes. >> that's right. type i diabetes, your body no longer makes insulin so you have to take insulin to survive. can't prevent it. type ii diabetes is your body is not using the insulin it makes properly. we manage that with diet and exercise and various medications. it can be prevented or delayed. there is gestational diabetes which occurs when you are pregnant. it should go away once you have
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delivered the baby. >> for all of those people out there watching today who are suffering from diabetes, what's the take away that hopefully will help them prevent having the serious complications? >> it is really to eat healthy, get physically active, take medications as prescribed, make sure you make those doctor appointment visits and absolutely get diabetes self management education. >> to help manage it and be able to live well with diabetes. thank you so much for sharing really life saving information. to protect ourselves from this dangerous disease, we should consult our doctors about getting our blood sugar tested to find out if we are at risk. just remember all the information that you need to know and also to take a risk quiz can be found at thanks for watching. i'm joan lunden. see you next time.
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>> sponsored by naccd with support from t good morning i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to necessity today in your morning minute. >> this weeks nor'easter left hundreds still in the dark. >> atlantic city electric says
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it is now restored power to 30,000, customers, and about 200 customers are in the dark. this is exactly where we were talking about where we went through the stop sign. that was 15th and callowhill. >> president trump is calling a federal judge's ruling, blocking his revised immigration plan unprecedented judicial over reach. we're going to take our case as far as it need to go. the eyes of the know of nation are on buffalo today, villanova gets ready to meet mount st. mary. >> we know they will come in strong, because at this point of the season you lose and your season is over. ♪ >> oh, my god. >> dawn imagine that down down
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broad street. >> no. >> he would not survive that. >> james corden and cast of the beauty and beast stopping traffic on beverly boulevard in los angeles. >> eyes back here at home, makes it difficult to get around this city. katie, will it melt anytime soon. >> i don't see it going completely away anytime soon but at least for now we need hat, gloves, scarves. i do have to be tv ready in the studio but would i if i could. it is cold outside. thankfully the wind is, a little less than yesterday but still very noticeable and thankfully we don't have to worry about snow showers or squals. the sky will remain clear say for a couple residual cloud. meantime storm scan is quiet but because it is clear the temperature drops that much more efficiently as you well know. we are in the 20's every where say for mount pocono, keep in mind though even though it is westerly wind it is making it feel colder more like teens in any given location. down the shore you can see
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even there you don't get any influence off ocean water because it is off shore wind flow. still remain in the air up and down eastern seaboard and further inland too. as i say that wind picks up, and even though it is not necessarily super strong gusting but boy do you feel it keep that in mind outside walking to school, wait for a train on the platform, out in it for a couple minutes, it will hurt. so be ready for it. mid to upper 30's expected, certainly a little bit above average or above freezing out but it is still very far from average but almost 20 degrees, meisha. >> yes, because it is so cold, the main story all week long and this morning is still that ice. we are talking about that ice because it is playing a role in our commute this morning. we are looking at i-95 south you can see how busy, 6:30 on a thursday. this is probably a little bit busier then what we typically see, brake lights letting you know no longer traveling at
6:34 am
posted speed and once you veer off to the side, over these lane markers letting you know this is ice, black ice on the shoulders, a lot of these side streets, bridge decks, sidewalks, all of it. a lot of ice still out there. if you have to head out, i-95 you have to go slow but give some extra space for vehicle in front of you just because of how slippery it is. we are looking at 422 taillights from the eastbound direction at trooper. we have icy conditions here as well. you can see this, audubon road near collins road. the main story i want to say also falling ice on the delaware river bridgette is just take it easy, rahel and jim, back over to you. well, power crews are still working in the aftermath of tuesday's nor'easter, atlantic city electric hopes to restore power to have one affected by noon time today. last check ac electric reportedly has had less than 100 down from the initial 29,000, in the meantime electric company and red cross has set up warming centers, like this one in mullica.
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>> bad ice storm so you expect this kind of thing to happen. >> came down to get charged and they have coffee, snacks, very nice. >> we left lights on and unfortunately they are not on because of the storm and we want to just make sure we help those out doing the right thing. >> del marva power crews are working to restore services in delaware. last check 2,000 customers were still in the dark there. union representing police officers in atlantic city is suing to block state cuts to its contracts. new jersey department of community affair is overseeing state take over of the city government. state officials say they have no choice but to cut benefits and salaries to balance books. judge has in the ruled on whether the state can proceed with cuts to the fire fighters contract, and in order to save city money. philadelphia's historic sites obviously provide window into the founding of our country. >> but some sites are closed in the wake of the governmental hiring freeze. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do joins us live with more details on this close another and what buildings are
6:36 am
still opened. >> reporter: rahel and jim, fortunately the big's trackses remain opened, independent hall and liberty bell center but tourist looking to see smaller lesser known sites still have to come back for another visit. on top of the snow, ice on the ground different type of freeze has taken over independent mall, governmental hiring freeze is keeping several iconic sites closed within the national historic historical park. ben franklin's print shop on market street is one of them. >> we do not have enough staff to open up buildings and maintain safety for those centers. >> reporter: david fitzpatrick president of the american federation of the governmental employees local 2058 says there is just not enough people to operate normally. he said maintenance staff alone is down 40 percent with no one to clean them set of rest rooms at fifth and chestnut is now locked. huge inconvenience for mike movie friday wilkes barre who uses a kaine to get around hand handicapped or something
6:37 am
you do need it because it is easier to walk in this facility here closest. >> reporter: visitors looking to see inside of the declaration house where thomas jefferson helped draft the declaration of the independence will also find it closed. some tourist however were understanding. >> the government has to cut back on things and this is one of the things that we have to sacrifice for a little while until we get it back together. >> reporter: national park service said they have received approval to begin hiring temporary workers for upcoming busy season but still no word when these closed sites will reopen. but for now beer live from independent mall i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel back to you. well, millions of the americans could see their credit scores rise due to a change of the three main credit reporting agencies. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live from new york to tell us how new actions could impact you, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> so jill, we know credit
6:38 am
reporting firms collect data how people day their debts and then report results to the scoring company, what changes are they planning to make. >> reporter: this week equifax , syrian and trans union said that they are choosing to, remove most tax lean and civil judgment data from credit reports. it will start around july 1st. now this is what is wild as a result, nearly 12 million people hoff these types of things on their record well, they could see their credit scores increase by 20 points. this independent move, comes two years after agency had agreed to a settlement with attorney generals in various states under which they are supposed to remove, errors and wait sometime before adding medical debt information to credit reports. overall, i just to have reemphasize these actions are important for all of us, credit information is being used for more than just lending, landlord use it to research potential tenants in, some states it is rel for
6:39 am
employers to check credit. >> incredible. there are a couple factors behind our credit scores, what are those? >> reporter: remember the range it is 300 to 850 for fic o, the three most important factors are your payment history. that accounts for about 35 percent of your score. your total debt outstanding, now this takes into account how many accounts you have, and how close you are to your credit limit, that makes up 30 . and then your number of inquiries. inquiries are broken in to two different types, soft that doesn't hurt your score maybe you get preapproved for an offer or insurance for employment purposes or even when you check your own record it is hard inquiries that counts like shopping for a mortgage, a car, student loan, all these can count against you. bottom line is the accuracy of these reports is incredibly important. that is why you have to go to annual credit, it is free, get to do this every
6:40 am
year, verify your information, make sure it is accurate. >> good information, all right , jill, thank you. well, up next in the healthwatch. >> what to do to reverse diabetes. >> plus benefits of the bracket. usually march madness means people aren't getting a lot of work done but i'll show you positive effects of the big game in the work place. take a look at your screen yes, that is penguin in our studios, find out how to have your very own up close and encounter with the penguin coming up. here's something for people who hate to go to the gym, find out how body vibrations could replace exercise, coming up next.
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time right now 6:44. time for march madness, villanova wildcats start their quest to defend their championship tonight. >> some people worry workers are spending too much time filling out their brackets on the job. but there might be an actual benefit to the work place. march madness has worked its way in to many offices throughout the country and employees seem to enjoy it. according to a survey from the staffing firm office team, 66 percent of employees say talking about or celebrating sporting events while on the job can help boost moral. >> great opportunity for people to gather around in the kitchen, break room and learn more about people that you wouldn't normally talk to. all around this big type of events like march madness. >> reporter: if you do talk brackets in the office make sure you stay productive and professional. >> not everybody loves to
6:45 am
participate, and so while you can build comradery and include others, you know, certainly you want to ask them whether or not they want to participate, and, engage people that may be are a little bit more shy or don't know much about sports but you also don't want to be a poor sport and maintain level of professionalism. >> in fact, survey also found most distracting or annoying co-workers, stop looking at me , behaviors during a tournament were being a poor sport or overly competitive. >> interesting. interesting, jim. >> few hours left to fill out your bracket and compete begins jim donovan, myself and all of the cbs philly personalities. go to cbs tote join our bracket challenge. whoever wins gets a five you this dollars american express gift card and pries for winner of each round. now goodies time to mention you have to work on your good sport. >> and i just don't want to
6:46 am
you win. >> i will tell you, that my scores are based on the weather, and, and, good time. >> yes. >> with the actual champion in your bracket. >> mine was villanova. >> i'm with you. >> what but, rahel. >> i know better then to say anything other than that, i will go for villanova too. are you just saying that or did you go with that. >> no, i really hope they win. >> of course, we do let's talk about spring, shall we. first day of spring does come within the seven day. it comes on monday when vernal equinox takes place where we have 12 hours, nine minutes, 15 seconds not that we are specific or anything hours worth of daylight. nice long day to energy here and it will be sunny but also milder, too. but with that said it is not mild at all. we will check with weather watchers, a lot of harsh cold still being reported here. we will go into delaware where it is 21 from delores, she has
6:47 am
nice clear skies, modest breeze she's reporting but yeah, you feel it outside walking outside the door and waiting for spring. we will go off to the north at 22 from frank this morning. nice clear sky where he is too but he did say it is obviously very cold and nice bright moon as well. watch out for icing which meisha will touch on since we have to talk bit. one more for you, 24 degrees in carrie, she too, nice clear skies, modest breeze but she did say that she thinks her budding flowers are pretty much done for since they are covered in frozen snow. but here's the thing there is a good side to actually having that snow cover because it is so harsh outside, you know, they may not be the most hardy bunch but if you have hearty plans that blanket of snow insulate. you will not to have deal with the harsh cold underneath it. storm scan nice wide zoom, not heck of a lot to track. we will take. that there is a clip their does come along bringing witt friday night into saturday, a
6:48 am
very, very small batch of scattered rain, snow or sleet. i don't think, meisha we have to worry about accumulation but there may be modest slick issues when it comes to travel at that point in doubt bit. i saw that 50. we have our eyes set on that good morning, happy thursday, so moral of the story this morning is a lot of ice. we are seeing it on the bridge , bridge decks, side streets, pulled off to the shoulders this is gorgeous shot of the vine headlights moving in the westbound direction before the schuylkill. sunnies making it's a experience. because of that it is lighting up the sky beautifully. don't let it fool you, driving conditions are still very dangerous, because of that ice pulled off to the side of the shoulder. and accident in southwest fail here near airport lindberg boulevard at island avenue head up on this not to mention you guys we also have some falling ice. another thing that can be very dangerous in your morning commute. not only on the bridge coming down in the bridge but you can see bell wear memorial bridge south side lanes are blocked but we might have ice on the trailers or truck in front of
6:49 am
you or hood of the car in front of you. give yourself some extra space , because of the ice on the vehicles and roadways, and we have construction at 611 old york road between hamilton avenue and wheatsheaf lane that right lane is blocked there. jim and rahel, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. in the cbs-3 healthwatch today a new study shows that some people with type two diabetes can actually reverse the disease. researchers say that it is possible with oral medications , insulin, and lifestyle therapies. a canadian study found that 40 e followed this recommendation stayed in remission three months after stopping their diabetes medication. it looks like it is time to shake up your exercise routine, new study find that body vibration machines can help you shake your way to better health. are you listening jim donovan. researchers say it can actually be as effective as regular exercise, and studies
6:50 am
on my space found machine mimic muscle and bone health benefits of traditional exercise. a very, very special get has came into your studios, this is casey, a resident at adventure aquarium this spring break they are giving more chance toss see penguins like this up close. kate is a biologist and joins us in the, the studio. kadadine thanks for being with us. >> thanks, you guys. >> tell us about casey. >> she's one of our african penguins, at the aquarium. she's four years old. she was hatched right there at the aquarium. she's one of our best ambassadors so she's excited to be here today. >> i think of penguins as mostly living in the snow, i mean how many species are there and where do they live. >> there are 18 different species of penguins in the world. majority of them are just like casey they prefer warmer weather. they are from south africa. most of the species of penguins do live where it is warm. is there only two who live on
6:51 am
arizona particular contact, handful around and prefer cold weather. she doesn't like winter right now i'm with casey. i prefer warmer weather as well. there are 18 species. some of them are blue. what makes them blue. >> so we have little blue penguins as well, they are actually the smallest species, they are from australia, they like warm weather as well. if you think she's tiny they are smaller then her. the black that she has on a little blue penguin, and blue color to it. >> now i understand you also have, baby chicks. >> for african penguins we did have four girls hatch in december, and so they are still being called babe business they are in the juvenile stage right now. so they are pretty much same size as an adult. >> there they are. >> they are so cute. >> the fab four. >> so we're fortunate jim and i and rest of the crew to be able to meet her up close and personal this morning but for those watching at home what are their opportunities. >> so we want to extend
6:52 am
opportunity to our guest, really popular program at a went turra quarter yum penguin encounter. if you want to meet a penguin up cloud come to the adventure aquarium. you have to sign up. it takes six people at a time. so from april 7th to the 23rd we're offering it twice a day daily during that spring break period. you will want to come out, check out our african penguins meet them up close. there will be two there. during your encounter you get to take home a penguin paint ing. >> he does artwork. >> she's an artist. she likes to paint. we do penguin paintings as well. they do this. it is washable paint. they get it all over and getty bath afterward. >> yes. >> i will say, several years ago i was in south america and we went to visit an island where they were filled with penguins. we were pulling up to the island on the little boat. aim looking for these huge penguins like up to my weigh. i watch too many cartoons but is this the average size this
6:53 am
is average size of the african penguin. she's considered medium sized. you might be thinking of the won from antarctica, that is the largest, they are about 90-. >> yeah,. >> they are big. >> people thought i was crazy. >> yes, you are, geographical location was off. >> i'm a little off all the time. >> thanks very much. >> what is going on here. >> we will be right back with three to go, stay with us.
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well, here's three to go. >> atlantic city electric officials hope to restore power to all customers by noon time today, parts of the market street and center city are still closed to walkers because of the fallen ice. inspectors will be there today president trump releasing his budget blueprint that increasing spending for home land security and defense and makes cuts to the state department and epa. march madness gets underway, today, villanova defend its crown begins mount st. mary tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs-3 and that is to
6:58 am
go. >> lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> still time to get that bracket together. we have ours ready to go. most have villanova taking home title. >> lets take a look gorgeous shot outside, beautiful sunrise, about to get underway only 19 degrees. bundle up adequately and keep in mind that the isis still an issue. we will moderate up but don't quite hit seasonable, through the seven day meisha. >> all right, katie, yep, isis an issue. looking at the vine taillights in the westbound direction before schuylkill, you can see it out there traveling less than posted speed plus falling ice on the delaware memorial bridge both directions north and south, outside lanes are block because that falling ice so head up, you guys. we will switch gears, at 6:00 a.m. we are taking a tour have the beautiful town lifetime capsule together. >> every room you walk into you literally feel like you are walking in history, set up so perfectly, like theater. >> so this place is meant to take you on a journey of
6:59 am
hundreds of years of history and puts you right inside with incredible toys, furnishing from years pennsylvania. we are living historical life tomorrow on dream drive at 6:00 a.m. rate here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, next up on cbs this morning in his first tv interview since leaving the white house president obama's former chief of staff dennis mcdonough weighs in on the trump administration. remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 16th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a federal court strikes down the latest white house travel ban hours before it was due to take effect. president trump says the ruling makes us look weak and refuses to back down. plus, this morning the president unveils a budget proposal with dramatic cuts to agencies like the state department and epa. it would be the largest reduction of government since the drawdown after world war ii. so why did the national weather service decide not to tell the public its blizzard forecast was overblown. the significance cost cities and businesses when the


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